Registering for a race is a fantastic way to work towards a goal. The experience of participating in a race with others is very motivating and rewarding. Here are some race suggestions for Toronto. Most offer an Early Bird price (significant discount plus it commits you to train for the race). April 8, 2017 Race Roster Spring Run-Off – 5 km & 8 km (most walkers participate in the 8 km option) May 7, 2017 Toronto Waterfront 10 km – 10 km with a Walk category June 17, 2017 GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon – 1/2 Marathon with a Walk category October 22, 2017 ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon –Read More →

I have a great admiration for Lee Scott ( who mentored me and  coaches a program in Toronto.  As we both embark on new adventures we will continue to have a partnership based on a shared love of health and wellbeing involving speed/powerwalking.Read More →