Easy to make at 7am and eat at 8am.  For more fibre add oats. You can experiment adding shredded carrots too.   Ingredients:  250 ml plain yogurt 250 ml boiling water 1 tsp unsalted butter 12 g dry yeast (or 50 g fresh yeast) 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar (optional) 400 g flour (or 300g flour/100g oats) How to:  1. Mix yogourt, water and butter 2. Add the yeast and mix well 3. Add the salt, sugar & then add the flour a little at a time 4. Lightly flour a clean surface and knead the dough. 5. Let it rise for 1/2 hourRead More →

Crispy Fried Tofu Quick high protein meal. I’m a big believer of getting children involved in cooking and learning how to make simple meals. My youngest is great at making suggestions and being adventurous. Recently she asked if we could fry up some tofu. Here’s how she made it: Slice firm tofu into strips and pat dry with a paper towel. On the side wisk one egg white in a bowl and in another bowl mix chia seeds with panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). Dip the tofu in the egg mix and then into the seed bowl. In a warm pan with olive oil or avocado oilRead More →

January can be a very trying month for numerous reasons including the ever changing weather. Being a walker I have become obsessed with checking the weather app. Last Tuesday’s snow, slush then rain counts as one of the more challenging days as the weather was constantly shifting…but still we had a walking class (albeit it was shortened!). I’m constantly impressed with the dedication of walkers willing to dress for any weather and come out to train. For those of you looking for motivation to reach your 2017 goals I’ve added Toronto race information to my website in the ”Speed Walk Toronto Blog” section (of courseRead More →

As part of my walking mantra I believe we should “eat real and get walking” so I’m going to share with you some of my favourite foods that are quick to make and generally very nutritious and absolutely flavourful. I usually try to make bigger portions so that I can have leftovers for lunches or to freeze for a day I’m too busy to cook. Roasted Root Vegetables Having teenage kids who love mac and cheese (home-made version) I love to add some roasted veggies on the side. Beets, sweet potatoes and carrots are a good combination – all high in vitamin A, C, magnesiumRead More →

Welcome to speedwalktoronto.com! For those of you I haven’t meet in the WOW Powerwalking classes I’m Charlotte Montgomery and I’m super excited to share with you my passion for walking as a true form of exercise. I have recently been certified as a CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist so with the recent WOW Powerwalking changes I have decided to start my own speed walking classes while still at times collaborating with Lee Scott. All fitness levels welcome. I will be starting walking classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the Armadale Avenue location in Bloor West Village. Classes will be 90 minutes from 6:30 pm – 8:00Read More →