Day 2 of our 5 Day 3-5km /day walking commitment with strength building

I hope you had a chance to go for a walk yesterday and to get your heart rate up for at least 10 minutes during your walk. Yesterday I suggested you try walk vigorously for 2 minutes followed by a short break then repeat this for 10 minutes of your walk – this technique is referred to as HIT (high-intensity interval training – quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods).

Yesterday I encouraged you to try to do a plank a few times during your walk and today I hope you’ll add in some SQUATS (plus your plank). Check my Instagram account for details on how to properly do a squat and the benefits of them.

The key word I use when trying to convey how to do this exercise is FORM. Form is so key to doing any exercise well, particularly strength building exercises so that you avoid straining muscles and joints and avoid injury.

If you don’t have good FORM you not only risk injury but you may not be working the intended muscle groups.

Tied to good FORM is remembering to BREATHE (don’t hold your breath). Knowing how to use your breath properly will make your exercise easier to perform. The key is to inhale on the eccentric phase and exhale during the concentric phase. Basically that means you EXHALE when you are doing the hardest work and INHALE when you are coming back to your start position.

For your squats INHALE as you lower yourself, EXHALE as you press up.

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