Speed Walk Toronto News – January 25th, 2017


On Sunday, January 29th you, your family and friends are invited for a “long walk”. We will meet 8:30 a.m. outside Timothy’s (Bloor/Armadale) for an 8 or 10 km walk (most likely along the waterfront). You do not need to be registered for this session to join.

January is known as the most depressing month of the year. The “Bell Let’s Talk” campaign today highlights that this is also a lonely and difficult time for those suffering from mental health issues. There is wonderful information on the Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto website about the benefits of physical exercise and healthy eating as it relates to mental wellbeing. (http://toronto.cmha.ca “Benefits of Good Mental Health” Here’s my take away:

“Three important ways to improve your mental fitness are to get physical, eat right, and take control of stress. Moods such as tension, fatigue, anger and vigour are all positively affected by exercise.” In addition as we exercise our brain releases endorphins “they are believed to: relieve pain; enhance the immune system; reduce stress; and delay the aging process. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, sending these depression-fighting, contentment-building chemicals throughout the body. No wonder we feel good after a workout or brisk walk!”

Couldn’t say it better myself. I personally feel so much better after a walk when I’ve had a busy day. Even going for a walk when you are tired can be surprisingly uplifting and a good conversation with someone is always a bonus.

Along the lines of appreciation for healthy mental and physical living, I am grateful to be a citizen of Canada. On Feb 1st there are 150 days until Canada turns 150. I would like to propose to you a challenge where everyday for 150 days you do a stretch. During your stretch take some deep breathes and reflect on the positive Canadian things in your life.

For an additional challenge try and build up to do a stretch (e.g., plank or tree pose) for 150 seconds (that’s JUST 2 1/2 minutes). Check my blog for suggestions on how to do the stretches safely to reach your goal.

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